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Seeing a highly qualified Consultant Neuropsychologist, like Dr Hunkin, is becoming more and more difficult on the NHS. But the need for expert assessment is greater than ever.

We are proud to have launched - a new online only tool that helps get patients answers more quickly, while still benefiting from the professional analysis of a UK neuropsychologist. The cognitive assessments on offer can be used by anyone who has experienced a head injury, long covid, is living with dementia or wants a baseline result to help monitor their cognitive function over time.

Users fill in a simple pre-assessment questionnaire, allowing us to set up a range of specific tests based on their individual circumstances. They then take these tests using a laptop or desktop computer, in the comfort of their own home. The results are checked by Dr Hunkin, who then sends a summary of the results and a report to the patient. These results can be used by their GP or specialist to help expedite treatment.

The turnaround time for can be a matter of days, without the need for a long wait to be seen, which can slow down badly needed support and treatment.

To get more information or to book an assessment, click here to go to

Please note that reports are not thorough enough to be used as a diagnosis or to be used in legal proceedings. We are able to offer more detailed assessments for these purposes directly - please feel free to contact us for more information.