Neuropsychologist assessment in Cornwall


Many people who come to talk to us are experiencing a difficult or stressful period of their life. Some are recovering from a head injury or are worried about memory loss. Our services offer comprehensive assessment and speedy reports to allow you to move forwards and get the advice that you need.


We aim to do it with understanding and empathy for your circumstances so, if you think we could help then contact us here.


We have more than a decade’s experience of working with patients at every stage of care, from seeing them in hospital after a head injury, to helping them settle back into everyday life. Our team has written support material for those dealing with dementia and their families, so understand the challenges that can sometimes seem overwhelming when there are changes in mood, behaviour or memory because of conditions such as Alzheimer’s.


To help you get answers we will undertake internationally recognised scientific testing to assess areas such as memory, attention, concentration and executive function. These take place during an informal, one-to-one appointment.


This is followed by a comprehensive report that objectively explains what is happening now and offers advice on managing moving forward.


We are also able to offer mental capacity assessments, if there are worries about someone’s decision making abilities, and trace the progression of degenerative conditions, such as dementia.


If you would like further information about how the process works or if you have concerns, no matter how small they might seem, get in touch with us here.